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amaranth seeds

Amaranth flour is made of ground amaranth seeds.

Amaranth Flour

What is Amaranth Flour?

Amaranth flour is a white powder made from grinding the amaranth seed.


Amaranth seed has been cultivated for 8,000 years and is raised as a grain crop in Asia and South America.


Enhance the nutrition profile of baked goods, by adding protein and amino acids.


Amaranth flour has approximately 16.6% protein and 4.29% soluble dietary fiber. Also contains squalene, lysine, leucine, threonine, and valine amino acids.


Blend with wheat flour, maximum usage of 15% of wheat flour levels, to prevent undesired flavor and texture. Use in tortillas, bread, cakes, cookies.

For gluten-free products, blend amaranth flour with other gluten-free flours (i.e. buckwheat, sorghum).


High in protein and amino acids. Gluten free.

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