Acacia Gum (Arabic Gum) Granules

Acacia gum, or Arabic gum, is used in baking as an emulsifier.

Acacia Gum 

Also known as Arabic Gum

What is Acacia Gum?

Acacia gum (or Gum Arabic) is a food grade, naturally-derived gum used for its emulsifying and high-gloss properties.


It is an all-natural gum product from the African Acacia species which naturally grows in the “Gum Belt” of Africa (Sudan through Chad, up to Nigeria).


Acacia gum is a unique gum due to its emulsifying properties. Due to its emulsifying capability, it stabilizes a food system efficiently, resulting in superior texture and a good mouthfeel. In baked products, it is typically used in fillings or frosting due to its ability to emulsify the fat/water interfaces. It is traditionally used on gingerbread products to give a glossy and tacky shine.


It is a heteropolysaccharide with extremely high solubility in water.  It can be subdivided into three structural groups: the arabinogalactin protein, the arabinogalactan and the glycoprotein. Its main structure reoccurs from the following.

Chemical structure of Acacia Gum.

Chemical structure of acacia cum.


Dissolve in the water portion of the system before introducing it to the oil component. It is heat sensitive. Due to the proteins in its structure, its emulsifying capabilities decrease with heat.


It is high in fiber and is a natural prebiotic.