Your dedicated team for better baked goods

DSM Food Specialties is a global partner for food enzymes, cultures, culinary process flavors, yeast extracts and natural preservatives. We offer a range of baking enzymes for different needs and we offer support from our global multidisciplinary team. The multidisciplinary interaction we have with our customers enables them to react faster to consumer demand for organic, or for less salt, sugar, fat and other unwanted ingredients like acrylamide, chemical additives and emulsifiers, whilst ensuring great taste and texture of the baked goods and snacks.

What drives our customers is the starting point of what we do. Our application experts, researchers, innovation managers and marketers all work closely with our customers to understand every aspect of their business and to help them create better baked goods and snacks which respond to current and future preferences. We understand both the global and regional trends and their implications for the food and beverage markets and offer a broad and deep portfolio of food and nutrition ingredients offering the same high quality standards.

We also focus on enabling optimal control over production processes, also considering variations in raw materials, increasing efficiency, at lower cost in a more sustainable way and helping them deliver quality baked goods and snacks to a growing number of consumers.

DSM has extensive R&D and application capabilities in the food and beverage industry. We have regional application labs with local food & beverage expertise in China, the Netherlands and the USA. The Food Innovation Center in the Netherlands houses biochemistry and application laboratories, a bakery, kitchen and sensory analysis facilities.

Everywhere – every day we work to enable our customers to respond faster with better food for everyone.

For more information please visit or e-mail us at  [email protected]