27 08, 2018

Dough Mixing is Easy, Right?


You just throw ingredients in mixer, step back, and out comes perfect dough? Piece of cake. Uhh, yeah right.  As I’m sure you know from experience, a lot of thought and precision needs to go into dough mixing. The concept is simple enough: Flour + Water + Air + Energy → Dough Yet controlling and adjusting those [...]

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20 08, 2018

What Makes Clean-label Cakes so Hard to Bake?


One of the biggest dilemmas to come out of the clean label trend is what to do with cakes. While organic or natural sweeteners, colors and flavors may be slightly easier to bake with, it’s harder to bake without: Bleached flour Bromated flour Aluminum-based phosphates These ingredients are key for high ratio cakes, giving layered cakes higher [...]

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13 08, 2018

Baking Powder’s Role in Baked Goods


You know what a fascinating ingredient is? Baking powder. Why? Because it just sits in your formula UNTIL water is added. This activates a reaction, turning baking powder into a chemical leavening agent. What’s the reaction? When water mixes with the acid (often MCP, SAPP, SALP, SAS or tartaric acid—although phosphate-free varieties are available), carbon dioxide gas [...]

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7 08, 2018

New Definition of Dietary Fiber Opens Possibilities for Oat Hull Fiber


The FDA’s definition of dietary fiber has cleared the air of uncertainty, as an approved group of ingredients can now be officially listed on the Nutritional Facts label. One ingredient particularly means exciting things for bakers: oat hull fiber. Aside from the bio-functional value (i.e. laxation, bulking, calorie reduction, etc.), this recognized dietary fiber facilitates [...]

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6 08, 2018

Direct vs. Indirect Gas-fired Ovens for Baking


When it comes to picking an oven, there options on top of options. So right now I’m going to focus on gas-fired ovens. The question is, a direct or indirect gas-fired oven? Does it make that much of a difference? You bet it does! The difference lies in how heat is delivered and transferred. A indirect [...]

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30 07, 2018

What it Takes to Bake a High Fiber Label


If you’re in search of ways to boost your brand, consider adding "high fiber" to your label. The public pays attention to what's on the label, and fiber is a great selling point. What counts as a “good source of fiber?” Food with 5 grams or more of fiber per servings. The FDA regulates that [...]

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23 07, 2018

When to Use Biga as a Preferment


One of the more popular preferments or yeast starters, biga uses only flour, water and yeast—and no salt. With a low hydration level, it’s on the stiff side of preferments. What does biga do to dough? It helps with: Improving the functionality of gluten and strengthening dough Shortening final fermentation time with less yeast Boosting aroma and flavor [...]

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16 07, 2018

Is Rice Flour a Good Choice for Gluten-Free Baking?


There’s a reason we’ve been baking with wheat-based flour all these years. It just works so well! But thankfully we’re finding ways to make alternative flours work and thrive in our products! Like rice flour. It’s neutral flavor and white color works well in dough. Plus, it’s high in fiber and low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and [...]

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9 07, 2018

What’s the Difference Between Light and Dark Rye Flour?


It’s all in the milling! It depends on the amount of bran left in the rye  after processing. The more bran, the darker the flour. However, more than the color changes. Darker rye will have more nutrients from the bran. It will also have a slightly harder time with gluten formation. What’s different about baking with [...]

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25 06, 2018

Bake Delicious Gluten-free Cookies


Baking gluten-free can be a challenge. Especially for cookies. They easily turn out dry and crumbly, even with gluten! But it is possible to bake a delicious gluten-free cookie. You’ll just need to add a few extra ingredients. What works well in gluten-free cookies? Protein, such as dairy, soy, egg, and pulse, can help make up [...]

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