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Katie is an innovator, organoleptic guru and food geek with over a decade of experience in the food industry. She created new product categories while working as a Food Technologist in the Organic/ Natural food industry. Her curiosity led her to the study of Sensory Science where Katie developed a sensory program to suit the specific needs of non-traditional food products. She has a passion for bridging the technical language of food science with the art of down-home baking.
16 01, 2018

Fight Cardiovascular Disease with Whole Grains


Getting a lot of push back on carbs and whole grains? Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death for men and women.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 4 deaths in the US are due to CVD.1 The disease affects  heart and blood vessel function. Plaque builds up in the [...]

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12 12, 2017

Feeling the Heat from Other Bakeries?


Sensory science can help. Products are initially developed based on the opinions of a small group of stakeholders. “As a scientist, opinions don’t work for me. I don’t want to make a huge decision based on somebody’s opinion,” says Mona Wolf of ASTM.1 The organization produces voluntary standards across many disciplines, including food science and [...]

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14 11, 2017

Fresh Baked Bread in Space Could Help Bakers on Earth


Sebastian Marcu, CEO of Bake in Space, posed this problem in a recent interview. A crew of seven astronauts is going to Mars for 2 to 3 years. You are going to feed each one of them a bread roll each day. To do this, you would need several tons of flour to carry to [...]

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24 10, 2017

The Food Industry is Trying to Kill You


How many of you have heard that bread contains an ingredient also used to make yoga mats? When rumors about food additives and preservatives start circulating, consumers don’t often check the science or FDA guidelines for verification. More and more, consumers are educating themselves using the internet and peer-to-peer discussions on food ingredients. Those of [...]

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17 10, 2017

Baked and Wasted: Food Waste in Commercial Baking


When every neighborhood relied on a corner baker for bread and other baked goods, customers lined up early or risked sellout. Bread is now available without the worry of scarcity, thanks to the mechanization of commercial bakeries. The ability to produce thousands of loaves a day eliminates the problem, but creates another – food waste. [...]

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3 10, 2017

Whole Grain Bread is a Whole Food


Whole grain bread is a whole food. A quick look at Dave’s Killer Bread 21 whole grains and seeds nutritional panel shows a food that is low in saturated fat (0g), a good source of dietary fiber (3g), and a good source of  manganese (25%). Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating whole grain bread [...]

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5 09, 2017

Gluten is Evil? Stopping Gluten Misinformation


What the heck is the deal with all the gluten misinformation and haters bashing it? The soft chewy texture of a great peasant loaf would not be possible without gluten! We realize some people are negatively affected by gluten. For those people, we are so sorry you have to endure those lifeless loaves of gluten [...]

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15 08, 2017

Are Carbs Good or Bad for Your Weight?


We all have heard that carbs are bad when it comes to weight loss. It is no secret that eliminating  ALL carbs from your diet will show weight loss in the short term. But, do you know how important carbohydrates are to keep your body functioning? Let’s take a look at this BAD molecule so you can [...]

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25 07, 2017

Vanilla: The Politics of Flavor


Nothing beats the smell of a Tahitian vanilla bean steeping in cream. At least that is what I thought. But it might be time for me to reevaluate my stance on vanilla flavoring, and here is why: The increase in consumer demand for all-natural everything in packaged foods has led to some pretty major food [...]

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18 07, 2017

Adding a Whole Grain Claim to Your Label?


Is your bakery focused on producing whole grain products? Consumers are turning away from baked goods produced with refined flour and seeking healthier alternatives found in whole grain foods. Whole grains are grains that are consumed in their original form without being refined. They contain their original parts such as the bran, germ, and endosperm [...]

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