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About Us

Welcome to BAKERpedia! Your go-to digital resource for all things commercial bakery and food innovation. We provide simple and credible solutions to complex challenges, so you can focus on the things that matter—business growth in a competitive commercial baking environment.

SIMPLE:  BAKERpedia was created with a busy baker and game changer’s schedule in mind. So whether it’s checking a recipe or finding an ingredient from our baking encyclopedia, you’ll get a straight forward answer that cuts through the unnecessary jargon. Get the lowdown on all the food technology, science and formulas not addressed by the baking industry. And it’s freely available!

RESOURCEFUL: It could be breaking down complicated baking science information on ingredients and key processes. Or maybe it’s reading our blog about the hottest baking trends and groundbreaking tech innovations. Whatever you want to explore, the resources are here.

EMPOWERING: BAKERpedia is more than a place to learn, but to encourage change! Collaborate on industry knowledge through discussion forums and training opportunities. Sign up for workshop or consulting programs. Chat with our experts on everything from baking ingredients to business game plans. Jump into the innovative future of baking!

CREDIBLE: We care about food and quality at BAKERpedia. So we go the extra mile to get our facts right and stay up to date with the ever changing baking scene. Read content gathered by our scientific team of researchers, writers, and bakers. Or talk to some of our experienced industry consultants for more insight.

AUTHORITATIVE: BAKERpedia Founder and CEO, Lin Carson, brings a PhD in Food and Grain Sciences, and a heartfelt passion for food and innovation to the table. In fact, she’s dedicated her entire career to making the world a better place for bakers everywhere. BAKERpedia is the culmination of her lifelong dream to improve food production worldwide through baking. Listen to her ASB interview here.

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